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Our Commitment to Privacy

At CashforOldSolarPanels, we recognize the importance of privacy protection; therefore, necessary steps and policies are formed to keep the matter safe.

This website is managed by ‘CashforOldSolarPanels’, which has all the rights to use it for the aim intended for its creation. We hereby withhold complete responsibility for protecting all the data collected and maintaining user privacy. We have exclusive rights to withdraw or add any information to this privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy concerns the safety of the personal information of the users. This can help the users understand how we manage personal data and why we collect it. It also discloses how we hold, use and disclose information in matters in line with the legal authorities.

Use of Personal Data

The type of data collected online depends on the circumstances in which the information is needed. The kind of personal information we collect may include:

  • - Name
  • - Contact Details
  • - Age & Date of Birth
  • - Gender
  • - Postcode
  • - Identification Verification Information

The data collected online is solely to serve the following purposes:

  • - Responding to the generated queries
  • - Respond to the quotation form
  • - Marketing campaigns
  • - Observe website effectiveness
  • - Provide products and services to you
  • - Administer and manage our services

We may record and monitor telephonic calls and other communications between you and our team for training, quality control, verification and compliance purposes. Furthermore, we only seek to gather sensitive information if necessary for our business purposes. Information about health, racial or ethnic origin, religion and criminal records is strictly prohibited by our policies.

Disclosure of Data

We strictly ensure that the personal data collected must not be misused/mishandled. The data is best used for the purpose for which it was collected. No personal information is disclosed unless it is mandated by law. The data is revealed by carefully examining the intention for which the legal authorities require it and that it can support eliminating any criminal activities.

Amendment in the Policy

The policy is reviewed occasionally, and any necessary changes are updated accordingly. If the changes are significant, we ensure to provide customers with the latest updates through email or text notification.

Data Safety

We have installed advanced security systems that protect our secured data from getting stolen or erupted. All the information disclosed by the customers is secured and integrated best.

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