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CashforOldSolarPanel was founded in 2017 to help Australian consumers make informed decisions about what to do with solar panels at the end of their useful life.

The purpose of entering the market was to modify the existence of the cumulative waste from the solar panels and restore them for significant applications. We provide the customers with the highest cash for solar panels despite their condition Brisbane-wide.

The damaged and non-functional solar panels are restored to bring them to life. Once recycled, they are sold to countries far from affording solar technology. CashforOldPanels aims to promote phenomenal solar technology, as it is sourced from renewable natural resources; hence, it can benefit for an undefined period.

We endeavour to make this world a better place for all by cutting our profits and selling solar panels at affordable prices. We eliminate waste and expense by our innovatively designed approach of refurbishing functional solar panels and recycling the unusable ones.

We abide by the policies of the Federal Government of Australia regarding the responsible recycling and reusing of solar panels so they don’t end up in landfills.

Help us preserve energy and let the world enjoy solar technology at minimal cost!

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